Due to Covid – 19 students joining the University of Bolton in September 2020 won’t get a traditional ‘Freshers’ experience, the chance to meet new people and form new friendships will be limited.  To help with this we have created some student led online communities based on academic schools. 

We would love students to help us to make these online communities feel friendly, safe and welcoming. 

There may also be an opportunity to help the SU Team with some face to face events during semester 1 (depending on Government guidance).

What does the role involve?

  • To check in to the online community a few times per week and act as moderators.
  • Start conversations in the online communities.
  • Answer basic questions new students might have and signposting them to others if appropriate.
  • Post relevant content in the group.
  • Encourage all students to get involved with the Students’ Union, including getting involved with Student Representation, Volunteering and joining or setting up student led societies.
  • Promote any relevant student led societies both Academic and Social.
  • Let students know everything you wish you had known when starting at the University of Bolton.
  • Report inappropriate comments / posts to the SU.
  • Attend a briefing where full details will be given – this is compulsory.


What can I gain from the role?

  • You get to welcome students to Bolton- a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circles!
  • CV building- you can put this on your CV as valuable experience in teamwork, showing initiative, promoting a brand, working on a social media platform, demonstrating that you’re a warm and friendly human being!
  • If you are looking to get involved with the Bolton Award then you can use this as voluntary hours.
  • A certificate at the end of the year.

How to apply

Simply complete this form and tell us why you want to be a Welcome Buddy.

There will be no interviews for this position so make your application really strong as this is what we will be basing our decisions upon. All applications are to be returned to us by Friday 7th August 2020.

The briefing will be taking place on Friday 14th August via Zoom at 2pm. You are required to attend this in order to be a Welcome Buddy.

Please send your application to info@boltonsu.com.



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