The University has issued the following information for students:-

Q. Will the University be making allowances for students who do less well in their assessments during lockdown, compared to their average grades prior to lockdown?“

The University has said that they will ensure that no student is disadvantaged academically because of COVID-19.

This means that grades achieved during the lockdown period (i.e. from 20 March 2020) will only be included in a student’s overall results if they are equal to, or better than, the relevant average grades obtained in Semester 1.

(Where the degree is linked to professional body recognition, there may need to be slight amendments to the details of this approach, and so relevant Programme Leaders will advise students on this).

This means that students will suffer no detriment due to COVID-19 and will make it possible for students to graduate or progress to the next year of study in an appropriate and fair manner.

The University has adopted this approach following consideration of the national guidance issued by the Office for Students and the Quality Assurance Agency, and discussion with its external examiners.

The University has also consulted with the Students’ Union and has valued our contributions to the arrangements for teaching and assessment during the current challenges.

Please try your best to complete and submit the assessments.

What will happen to my assessments now that there is no access to the University campus?

In compliance with university academic regulations, you will have the opportunity to complete the remainder of your Semester 2 work via scheduled and alternative assessments.

Module Tutors will advise you of any changes to the format and timing of assessments.

Extensions up to a submission date of 26th will be considered should these be needed. Please send a request in writing to your module tutor in good time and as far in advance of the 26th May final as possible.

Scheduled and alternative assessments will count towards your academic and skills development and will give you the opportunity to enhance your mark profile. However, you will not be disadvantaged if you perform less well than usual in your post-20th March assessments or if you are unable to complete these. Please try your best to complete and submit the assessments.

Mitigating Circumstances

You DO NOT need to submit Mitigating Circumstances for any assessments due for submission after 20th March 2020 to the end of the semester. This is because the University will automatically apply blanket Mitigating Circumstances arrangements to all these assessments.

What will happen if I am unable to complete my assessments?

The University will convene Assessment Boards at the end of the Semester which will make progression and awards decisions on the basis of assessments available.

Assessment Boards will have the authority to allow students with incomplete profiles to progress without reassessment or in the case of finalists be awarded degrees (providing all assessments prior to 20th March 2020 are sufficiently complete) if they are assured that programme Learning Outcomes have been covered by the work completed and there are no Professional Body restrictions.

Please note that because blanket Mitigating Circumstances arrangements have been applied (given the Coronavirus outbreak,) you will also have the option to do your assessments at a later date. However, we strongly recommend you complete and submit your assessments this semester.

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