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Everyone has concerns when they arrive and throughout their time at University - it’s perfectly natural. But if those concerns are making you unhappy or think about dropping out of University, we are here to help! Have a look below to see where you can drop into services, events and activities to get what you need

Most students 'feel the pinch' while they're at Uni. The Students' Union can provide you with basic financial advice, including budgeting help.


For anything to do with your student loan, please visit Student Services


If you need some cash the Careers Service uses Student Hub, an online service where you can find part time work to support you financially whilst at University. They're based right next to Student Services inside the Student Centre in Chancellor's Mall.

Everyone feel homesick when they leave home for the first time to some degree.

The Students' Union can help you settle in with new friends by helping you to join Clubs and Societies no matter what you're interested in or passionate about.


The Chaplaincy is a great listening ear for all Students and can help you meet like-minded people.


Student Services provides advice and guidance in their new Life Lounge. You can book an appointment at the Student Services reception.

All students are worried about fitting in at University, especially if they are new to the University, Bolton or even the country.


Joining a Sports Club or Society is a great way to meet new people and feel a part of the student community.


Talk to your Personal Tutor or the Chaplaincy to discuss ways to get to know other people on and off your course. You can even get a Peer Mentor, another student from the University, to support you. 




University is meant to be challenging, everyone finds things tough during their studies even if they don't admit it. Extra support is always available through LEAP Online - a full guide to study skills from preparing a presentation to writing a dissertation.

Speaking to your Personal Tutor about your difficulties means you can access course specific support, contact them by email or see if they have drop in sessions outide of lectures.


You can also get support with study resources at the Library Help Desk.

Many students wonder if their course is the right one for them. That's perfectly fine - the only way you'll find out is by talking to people about it as there are is a range of support available across the University.

Speak to Student Services for support or the Careers Service about how you can use your course to get a job and the career you want.

Talk to your Personal Tutor about how your course progresses and how it works to help you with your aims.



Finding and getting somewhere suitable for a place to live is difficult for every student, and housemates or flatmates can and do fall out, making life difficult.


If you have any complaints about your housing situation, first speak to your landlord and if you are in the Orlando Halls of Residence speak to your Warden, Jason.


If this doesn't work, come and speak to the Students' Union who can help you out and offer advice.

Many students at the University of Bolton have a disability, whether seen or unseen, or both.


The University if renowned for the support it gives to students with disabilities, so don't be shy in asking for support and please don't feel as if no one can help.


Student Services is the place to go to meet the Disability Team to arrange learning support, or you can raise it with your Personal Tutor.


The Students' Union also has dedicated Societies for Disabled Students which are set up and run by students with disbabilities, such as the Autism Society. You can gain even more support through these networks.

We all need a good chat sometimes to share our worries and feelings - drop into the Students' Union to meet a friendly face and talk, or do the same by booking in with Student Services to access the support available at the Life Lounge or you could visit the Chaplaincy.




For whatever is causing you to think about dropping out, you can drop into the SU. And if we can't help you, we know who can!

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