Mind Your Mate Week


Mind Your Mate week is a wellbeing week of activities & events that aim to support your mental health, and encourage you to look out for a friend who may be struggling through the stresses of the exams and deadlines period (January and May), as we know these are the most high pressure points of the year for most students. We want you to know that we are here to help and that while you may be struggling to balance the demands of student life, you are not alone as there is always a friend or someone at the SU looking out for you, ready to listen.


Mind your mate week is all about having some fun, taking productive breaks and remembering to take care of your mental health. We also want to encourage more conversations around mental health, whether that's with a friend, a member of SU/University staff or a local support link. Grab a friend and do something positive for your mental health during Mind Your Mate Week.



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