Student Representation is at the heart of everything we do at Bolton Students’ Union, and so we are fully committed to ensuring that all students here at the University of Bolton are actively engaged in their learning, enjoying their time at University and getting the most out of their educational experiences.

One of the key things we do at Bolton SU is represent you to the university. We do this through regular meetings with the university management, including the Vice Chancellor, attending formal university committees (such as Education Committee) and also by working with around 300 course reps to help students make appropriate change on their course. Want more Personal Tutoring? Less PowerPoint presentations and more workshops? Or Maybe you have a fantastic Lecturer that you want to tell everyone about? Then using your voice as a student is the way to do it!



Student Representation is the formal mechanism that allows students to have a voice and to be heard at all levels throughout the University. It is a way of improving and moving forward issues and ideas that the student body feels are important to them. It is also a way of letting the University of Bolton know what they are doing right too!

As we all know since the rise in fees you, as students, are now contributing financially more towards your academic achievements than in the past. So it is only right that all students should have the ability to feedback and help shape improvements that they feel are needed to enhance their time while at the University of Bolton.

We also represent you to other organisations like Greater Manchester Police, the National Union of Students, Bolton Council, and more.  


Representation is all about “re-presenting” the information that we’ve heard from you to the appropriate person in the University (or beyond). We hear from you in a number of different ways:

  • Through Course Reps. All students are eligible to become a Student Representative; all we ask is that you have the same drive and passion for representing students’ views as we do!
  • Through Surveys
  • Through our “SU on Tour” project, where the SU President and team of Community Engagement Co-ordinators come and speaks to you face-to-face across the University campus.
  • Through the Student-Led Teaching Awards we run
  • Through students just coming into the office for advice, support or to complain.



The aim of representing you is to create change and have a positive impact. We work hard to let you know what we’ve achieved, and we also try to let you know when we’ve tried to make a change but it hasn’t been possible. We have a dedicated sub-section of this website that tells you what we’ve done to improve the student experience, and we update it each month. You can find it by clicking here.   


The main person who is responsible for representing you is the SU President. You can find out more about them by speaking to them at the SU Office, across the campus or by emailing If you don't like how your SU President is representing you, and you think you can do a better job, remember to run in the leadership race!

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