School Representatives

Who are they?

School Reps are very similar to Course Reps, but identify and act on the key issues affecting students within a particular school.  They work closely with Course Reps researching the views and opinions of students within their school to find out what the issues are and subsequently working closely with the Students’ Union President and University staff to find a positive solution. 

What do they do?

School Reps attend meetings at a faculty level.   There are 8 Academic Schools within the University and there are 2 School Reps for each School.    School Reps attend two School Board meetings a year and during these meetings they are given the chance to take part in discussions and raise any issues they feel appropriate, with the full support of the Students' Union.   School Reps then feedback information to Course Reps, the President and students so that they are aware of any changes/solutions being put into place or any issues that need addressing.

Other Responsibilities

School Reps also focus on encouraging their peers to complete the national Student Survey (NSS) so that feedback within their School is as comprehensive as possible and help promote certain SU events throughout the year, for example the Students’ Union Leadership Race and the Student Led Teaching Awards

How can I get involved?

Contact the Students’ Union by emailing


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