Societies are run by students for students, and offer the opportunity for life-long friendships, sporting success and personal growth. Societies can play an important role in expanding your social life during your time at the University and also help to develop transferrable skills to enhance your CV, for example, communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Joining a Society will expand your friendship networks, help you grow in confidence, perhaps introduce you to something new or allow you to carry on your passions, and guarantee that you will have a great time here in Bolton.







5 Reasons to join a Society

1. Expand Your Social Circle

University gives you a huge opportunity to meet a whole range of new people.  Initially, the students you live with, then the students on your course and by joining a Society you can gain a whole entirely separate group of friends.


2. Try Something New 

Being part of a student led Society can be an enriching and rewarding experience. 


3. Taking A Break

It’s healthy to take a break from your studies.  Being away from your studies and meeting up with your Society or taking part in sport gives you a release and time to recharge your batteries.  You can get back to your studies refreshed and ready to go.


4. Develop New Skills

Societies will help you to develop useful and transferable skills that employers are looking for.  Leadership, negotiation, teamwork, organisation, diplomacy and persuasion are all very important skills you can learn through being a member of a Society.


5. Stand out from the Crowd

Being a member of a Society looks great on your CV and can give you some great examples and experiences to talk about during an interview.

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