Being a student is an expensive business. 

How much spending money do you have after you've paid your most important bills?

Where does your money go each month?   

Choosing the right student bank account account can be a bit of a minefield, check out this detailed comparison on what all the banks have to offer students in 2020.

Download our Budget Planner here and draw up a budget that’s realistic and workable and check out our top ten tips to save money.

Top Ten Tips To Save Money


1.  Budget! Work out how much you need to spend on living and study costs then work out if you can really afford your gym or cinema membership.  Complete our budget planner and match up money coming in with what's going out.  Knowing how much income you'll have is essential.  Remember this important rule; NEVER spend more than your income.

2.  Get student Council Tax Discounts.  Full-time students who live alone or with other full-time students are exempt from paying Council Tax. Any such students who are registered/enrolled on a full-time course at the University will be able to obtain Council Tax exemption. Full-time students with a non-student partner may be eligible for a partial reduction. Contact Student Services for further information or view the University’s Council Tax information sheet.  The University operates a system in the Greater Manchester area where it submits student information directly to the Council on the student’s behalf. Please make sure that you keep your address details up to date.

3.  Get a TV licence refund for the summer holidays.   A colour TV licence costs £157.50 for a year.  If you've a full three months left on your licence at the end of the academic year and won't use it before it expires, you can get a refund for this.  To apply, complete the online application form on the TV Licensing website. Don't forget to update your address if you move house.

4.   Buy a TOTUM Card.   -  Totum is the UK's numbr one dedicated student discount and Home Office and Police endorsed proof of age ID.  Your TOTUM + ID is accredited by PASS and proves your age and name.  Download the app to get the card today to start saving instantly!    

5.   Ask for student discounts.  Always ask for student discounts when you're out and about. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!  These often aren't advertised, but several places still offer them even if you don't have the TOTUM card or app.

6.   Hair Cuts and Beauty Treatments.   Get your hair cut or a beauty treatment for a fraction of the price at nearby Bolton College.  Click here for details.

 7.  Eat in.  Even if you're not a skilled cook, eating in is far cheaper than a restaurant or take away. Many student cookbooks have easy to follow step by step instructions. 

 8.  Shop at Bolton Market It’s often cheaper and fresher than pre-packed supermarket fruit and veg.

 9.  Travel passes.   If you use the train, bus or coach regularly, invest in a railcard or annual pass. There are often discounted rates for students.

10. The best things in life are free!  There's a mass of goodies available for free at the click of a mouse, if you know where to look.  Try Freecycle.  Use it to furnish your student house or ask for items and all for free! 















































































































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