Student Led Teaching Awards 2021

The Awards are a student led celebration of teaching excellence and academic quality, a wonderful chance to recognise the very best of Bolton’s staff and students, whether that’s a great Personal Tutor, a positive experience of a support service or a really engaged Course Rep. 

It takes just a few minutes to nominate someone and it can make a real difference to let them know their work is valued. 

The winners are chosen because of the quality of the nomination, not the quantity of nominations.  Therefore, make sure you tell us WHY you think the member of staff or student(s) deserves to win - in the past we've had a single nomination for a staff member who went on to win an award. 

Last year we had to host our SLTA ceremony a little differently.  We held a really successful digital Awards night in June 2020 and will be doing so again on the 27th May 2021. 

How do I nominate?

You can nominate here! 

How are winners chosen?

The winners are chosen by a panel of students and senior staff members from the university. The SLTA’s aren’t about popularity, as winners are chosen because of the quality of the nominations, not the quantity.
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