Bolton Students’ Union exists to represent and support all students that study here at the University of Bolton. We are here represent you, provide services and aim to work to improve the lives of University of Bolton students, helping them to love student life. We not only work for and in the interest of all Bolton Students, but are led by students too - with an elected President and NUS Delegate to conference.

In February we are holding our annual Leadership Race (elections) so you can decide which students will take on our key leadership roles of President and NUS Delegate. These students will work with us to make your voices heard. Every University of Bolton student is eligible to run and vote in these elections*

* Students who do not have overdue debts above £25 owing to the University of Bolton can run. All current students at the University of Bolton can vote, however University staff can not vote (unless they’re also a student here!)





1. The University of Bolton recognises Bolton Students' Union Officers as the official voice of the students.

2. The more students that vote in the Leadership Race, the stronger our voice within the University. High voter turnout = big mandate = strong voice for students.

3. This Leadership Race will determine who represents you to the University next year.

4. The Officers feed into the policy, practice, performance and perception of this University.

5. Will it really make a difference? YES, and if you don’t vote, it is guaranteed that you will not make a difference.

Taking part in Bolton Students' Union democracy is very important, either by putting yourself forward or by choosing your leader. 





Your Voice, Your Choice,Your Students' Union!

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