Want more Personal Tutoring? Less PowerPoint presentations and more workshops? Or Maybe you have a fantastic Lecturer that you want to tell everyone about? Well Student Representation is the way to do it!


Student Representation is at the heart of everything we do at Bolton Students’ Union, and so we are fully committed to ensuring that all students here at the University of Bolton are actively engaged in their learning, enjoying their time at University and getting the most out of their educational experiences.


Student Representation is the formal mechanism that allows students to have a voice and to be heard at all levels throughout the University. It is a way of improving and moving forward issues and ideas that the student body feels are important to them. It is also a way of letting the University of Bolton know what they are doing right too!


As we all know since the rise in fees you, as students, are now contributing financially more towards your academic achievements than in the past. So it is only right that all students should have the ability to feedback and help shape improvements that they feel are needed to enhance their time while at the University of Bolton.


We have a number of different ways that the student voice is heard:

Course Representatives

School Reps

Internal Subject Review Panelists


All students are eligible to become a Student Representative; all we ask is that you have the same drive and passion for representing students’ views as we do!


For futher information about the specific roles please click on the links on the left hand side of this page, or you can contact us by email or pop in for an informal chat.




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