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Who are they?


Every course at the University of Bolton should have one course rep per year. These are elected volunteers who represent the views and opinions of their fellow peers. They empower the student voice and relay important feedback to the University. There is no limit to how many reps each course has- many have two per year so that one acts as a ‘deputy’ as well as helping to strengthen the student voice.


What do they do?


The main focus of Course Reps is to gather and provide feedback to staff about how the course is run. They are responsible for highlighting examples of good practice and providing positive feedback so that the university can continue with these practices and share good practice around departments and academic groups.


Course Reps are also there to feedback anything academic issues that could be improved. This is an opportunity for staff to hear what is fantastic about the course but also what could be enhanced. This is all done through Staff-Student Liaison Committees.


Course Reps are invited to two meetings per academic year, one in November and one in March, there are various members of staff and other course reps at these meetings too so that there can be open discussions regarding student feedback. Reps may also be asked to give representative opinions on issues that staff raise at these meetings.


Course Reps are responsible to their fellow students who elect them into that position. They are the spokesperson for all learners on their course and so they have a duty to feedback any information to their peers. This ranges from what they will relay at the meetings, changes made due to Course Rep intervention, how staff will share good practice and any other important information that students should be aware of.


Other Responsibilities


Throughout the year you will be required to help to promote a number of activities taking place on campus such as the Students’ Union Elections, The NSS (National Student Survey) and the Student Led Teaching Awards.


Why be a Course Rep?


All Course Reps are supported by the President of the Students’ Union and the Community Engagement Co-ordintators, working on an open door policy to help give advice and support Reps and students alike.


You will be given training for this role which will allow you to perform at the best of your ability but also to enhance your CV with a variety of skills, for example negotiation and effective researching.


Course Reps are also offered exclusive opportunities to help enhance their CV and as another benefit to being a rep, for example this academic year course reps have been involved in validation panels with some even having the opportunity to validate off-campus courses ranging from Huddersfield to Dubai! They have also been involved in a user group of some of the university services as well as sitting on other meetings throughout the university.


There is also the opportunity to win the ‘Course Rep of the Year’ award at the Student Led Teaching Awards.


How can I get involved?


If you would like to be a Course Rep then you will need to be elected by your fellow peers. Elections usually take place in the first few weeks of term and will typically be held in class conducted by a lecturer or course leader.


The elected student will then be contacted by a Community Engagement Co-ordintator to welcome them to the scheme and arrange training. Please note that if you are currently a second or third year Course Rep you will have to be re-elected by your classmates.


If you want to raise an issue with your course rep but are unsure of whom they are then you can contact the Students’ Union and we will put you in touch with them or alternatively we can provide assistance to you.


Remember to support your Course Rep and provide them with positive as well as negative feedback! 

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