The Results - 2017

Congratulations to all candidates and campaigners in this year's Leadership Race, and thank you to all 1036 students who voted and made their voices heard!

We received a total of 1036 votes, which is 17.5% of all on campus students and more than double the votes received in the 2016 Leadership Race.


President Results:

   966 Total Votes

     Raz Riaz was elected with 404 votes 

     Stacey Johnson received 308 votes

     Mohamed Ali Mohamed Hasabeldaim received 188 votes

     Tom Halligan received 178 votes

     Md Ismil Hossain received 122 votes

     Raz Riaz will take office as President on 1st July 2017



Student Trustee Results:

   853 Total Votes - 2 Student Trustees elected

     Philippa Iliff was elected with 322 votes 

     Daniel Edmondson was elected with 273.7 votes

     Kabir Hossain received 225.6 votes


     Philippa Iliff and Daniel Edmondson will take position

    as Student Trustees from 1st July 2017



NUS Delegate to Conference Results:

   831 Total Votes

     Joanne Jones was elected with 406 votes

     Madison Hope-Tatnell received 367 votes


     Joanne Jones is now NUS Delegate and will attend

    NUS National Conference in April 2017

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