Partnership Agreement Consultation

In April 2016 Bolton SU started its consultation on a new "Partnership Agreement" between students and staff at the University of Bolton. 

A Partnership Agreement describes how all members of the University community should work together to make working in partnership as easy and straight forward as possible. It states what we all expect from each other, and how we approach partnership working. This is best described with this diagram:

Partnership Agreement Cycle Diagram


This Partnership Agreement, then, has to come from staff and students. It is about what you are signing-up to when you start each and every day at University, and we need your thoughts on this, not ours. We will therefore be holding a series of focus groups and face-to-face consultations to get your feedback and opinions on this very important matter.


We also want to give you the possibility to give us feedback about this whole process by using an online form- so let us know what standards you think that all staff and student should abide by when they are at University. See below for the form:



For more information about the Partnership Agreement, please email





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